“There’s a war in my home country again.” That’s how the filmmaker Hogir Hirori begins the film The Girl Who Saved My Life. In August 2014 he leaves his pregnant wife in Sweden to travel to his homeland, Iraqi Kurdistan, and recount the fates that have affected the over 1.4 million people fleeing ISIS. Through the people he meets, Hogir also relates some of his own experience with war and seeking refuge, which establishes a solid legitimacy for his filmmaking and a credible identification with those he records. He is starkly affected by Souad and the search for her serves as his compass in the chaos of war.

Director’s Comment

This is a documentary about my people, my homeland, and my life. About history repeating itself, with war and hardship, where women and children are the biggest victims. But it is also about hope and love shining through in the darkness.

About the Director

Hogir Hirori was born 1980 in Duhok, Kurdistan. 1999 he fled to Sweden and now he lives in Stockholm. He works as a freelancing photographer, editor and director. He has his own production company called Lolav Media.

Basic production information

Swedish title: Flickan som räddade mitt liv
International title: The girl who saved my life
Production year: 2016
Genre: Biography, Drama, War, History.
Running time: 79 minutes
Country of origin: Sweden
Language/s: Kurdish, Swedish.
Subtitles: English/ Swedish.
Format: HD 1080 25p, DPC 2K.
Sound system: Stereo, 5.1.